Recent Changes for kornelix programs  
2018 Nov. 09  Lbench release 3.7
 • A new benchmark was added: global resource lock and unlock rate.
2018 Sep. 16  Fotoxx release 18.07.2

 • All Fotoxx menu functions were exercised using GCC -fsanitize=address.
    Several bugs were fixed that were serious enough to cause a crash.
 • A blank line in the list of user-defined 'extra' metadata caused a crash.
 • Area copy/paste had a misleading user interface, making it hard to use.
2018 July 26  Fotoxx release 18.07.1
Makefile and source code were revised to get past GCC 8 errors and warnings.
There were no functional changes or bug fixes.

2018 July 01  Fotoxx Release 18.07
Functional Changes
 • Zonal Retinex is around 5x faster for large images and high zone count.
 • A single Blur menu now consolidates all six blur functions: normal blur,
    radial blur, directed blur, graduated blur, paint blur, background blur.
 • Normal blur is around 3x faster and radius limit was raised from 200 to 999.
 • Radial Blur - new function: Blur is directed outwards from a chosen center.
 • Image Differences - new function: Subtract one image from another. These
    can be variably offset, magnified, and edited for artistic effects.
 • Copy Pixels: Image areas can be copied directly from a source to a target
    image via mouse 'painting'. Copy process can be scaled to fit the target.
 • Run Script: Apply a custom script to the current image file with one click.
    Works like an edit function - much faster than setting up a batch script.
 • Keyboard shortcuts can be defined for the common dialog completion buttons.
 • Trim/Rotate: If an image was leveled, a minor sharpen is done automatically.
 • Find Duplicate Images: This runs much faster for a huge image collection.
    Input can be all images or the current gallery (e.g. Search Images output).
 • Smart Erase: power lines or other long thin features can be more easily
    erased by clicking at intervals along the line.
 • Search Images:
      Date "null" can be used to find images having no photo date.
      BUSY indicator was added for long searches (non-indexed metadata).
      New option: retrieve all versions for images meeting search criteria.
      Wildcards can be used when searching metadata for matching text.
 • Slide Show:
      The dialog for specifying image events was simplified.
      Duration for animated transitions and image zooms is specified directly
      in seconds (instead of fiddling parameters by trial and error).
      New transition type: image 'disintegrates' to reveal new image.
 • Gallery view: more/less metadata is shown with bigger/smaller thumbnail size.
 • List view: now includes image pixel dimensions and file size in megabytes.
 • Paint Edits can now be used with: Color Mode, Shift Colors, Adjust RGB.
 • Batch Convert and Batch RAW: new options for output file type and bit depth.
 • Batch Delete/Trash: Deleted files are automatically purged from all albums.
    (formerly this was not done until the next time an album was opened).
 • Manage Albums: Rename option added (formerly you had to use a file manager).
 • The restriction on sorting albums was removed, but the output is a new
    album instead of replacing the input album. New name is 'oldname-sorted'.
 • New album function: Revert to current album or open last-used album.
 • Change Language: this setting is now preserved across Fotoxx sessions
    (previously reverted to user locale at next Fotoxx startup).
Technical Changes:
 • Menu popup help text: better positioning to avoid covering nearby menu.
 • Fotoxx home can more easily be moved to a new location. User settings and
    customizations are preserved. Re-indexing of image files is not required.
 • Custom script files were relocated to <fotoxx-home>/custom_scripts.
 • Galleries are now limited to 25K images to avoid window manager lock-up.
    Image searches exceeding this limit are truncated with notification.
 • File size in megabytes added to the image index (effective after re-index).
    This is also shown in gallery view if zoom size is large enough to fit.
 • Many menu names were simplified and shortened for faster visual lookup.
    More commonly used menus were moved toward the top of the list.
 • Because of the menu renaming, Keyboard shortcuts are reset to the defaults.
    Any custom shortcuts you have made must be redefined.
 • The [+] and [-] keys can no longer be used for rapid increment/decrement of
    a numeric widget setting. Use the up/down arrow keys instead.
Bug Fixes:
 • Show map locations for current gallery images: crashed if empty gallery.
 • Cosmetic flaw in custom [small] spin buttons (e.g. 0.1 showed as 0.100003).
 • Restore lost keyboard shortcut for menu "File Save as New Version".
 • Video files with embedded quotes (") in file names would not play.
 • Index image files: rare failure to create a thumbnail (self-correcting).
 • Slide Show animated image transitions are smoother (minimum jitter).
 • Search Images: If search-to date is 'yyyy-mm', default correct 'dd' 28-31.
 • Favorites: stop spurious false error message "xxx.png file not found".
 • Batch Photo Date-Time: failed for image files having no EXIF date-time.
 • Preserving the current file/gallery/album across sessions failed if the
    file/gallery/album file name had embedded blanks.
 • Edit Metadata: if custom metadata items for image index were missing for
    a file being edited, useless error messages were added to the log file.
 • Crash in preload_thumbs() if galleries are switched 10+ times per second
    (e.g. using the arrow keys to race through months in the timeline report).
 • Crash if Measure Noise is used while the Denoise function is still working.
 • Crash if certain functions are used after starting fotoxx with no index.
 • Some scrollable reports did not scroll when using the KB up/down arrow keys
    to move the currently selected row beyond the top or bottom of the window.
 • The image function "Copy to Desktop" did not work for non-English locales.
 • The User Guide was audited and many errors and omissions were corrected.
2018 Apr 30  Fotoxx Release 18.01.4
The German translation was cleaned up by a real native German speaker.
Bugfix: Help > Quick Start showed English version for non-English locales.
2018 Feb 22  Fotoxx Release 18.01.3

Bugfix: Image rotate was producing a slightly pixelated output.
2018 Feb 11  Mystuff Release 3.1
  •  Fix sporadic menu drag if menu window left open after starting menu function.
  •  Update user guide for how to add new menu entries for installed applications.
  •  Files in .mystuff were made relative, to make this directory relocatable.
2018 Feb 11  Ukopp Release 6.6
 • Bugfix: the reported expired file versions exceeded files actually purged
    in the next backup job. The reported number was corrected.
 • The internal logic for calculating archive file statuses and counts was
    simplified and the archive status reports were improved.
 • A utility was added to renumber archive file versions to start at (1).
    This can be used to stop unlimited growth of version numbers for files
    that change frequently and are backed-up frequently.
2018 Jan 24  Fotoxx Release 18.01.2
The Italian translation was updated.
Bugfix: fixed a cosmetic defect in the custom [small] spin buttons.

2018 Jan 02  Fotoxx Release 18.01.1
Bug Fix: Crash in metadata related functions if the default tag category
'nocatg' has been deleted. This is now replaced automatically.
2018 Jan 01  Fotoxx Release 18.01


Technical Changes
Functional Changes Bug Fixes User Guide
The user guide was audited to fix many minor errors and omissions.
The images were all updated and some were enlarged for better visibility.
A clickable table of contents and a clickable topic index were added.
Wayland Note
Fotoxx works OK with Wayland/Xwayland with one exception: when an image is
zoomed-in by clicking on a spot, the pointer no longer follows the spot but stays
fixed. This is a known bug or omission (only the user can move the pointer). 
2017 Dec 01  Ukopp Release 6.5

2017 Oct 14  Watsup Release 4.1
   The panel report is now inside the panel, not below it.
2017 Oct 06  Watsup Release 4.0

   Watsup was made into an "app indicator" in the top panel
   (at least for the Ubuntu flavor of Gnome desktop).