Mystuff is an alternate "desktop" where you can arrange your files and application launchers without cluttering your desktop. They are available with one click, and cannot get hidden behind active application windows.
The initial window is empty. Add files and application launchers with drag and drop from the desktop, from Nautilus or other file manager, or the Ubuntu HUD. These create a clickable icon to open the file or application. Image files have icons made from the image. Items can also be added or modified using a GUI. Arrange the layout by dragging items with the mouse. The resulting popup window can be opened from a desktop or panel launcher, or the Ubuntu HUD. The popup window disappears or stays put after an item is clicked, depending on a flag set for each item. An item may be icon only, text only, or both. Non-functional text items can also be added, e.g. for column headers.
The popup window can be positioned anywhere and expanded to any size. The size and position are remembered.
Links can be added to open additional popup windows that work the same way. You can make a sequential or circular list with "next" and "back" links, or build a hierarchy.
After installing, use  $ man mystuff  for user information.
Demo Video: mystuff
Screenshot (Ubuntu case)