Fotoxx for Windows 10 or 11

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Fotoxx can be installed on Windows 10 or 11.
"Windows Subsystem for Linux 2" or WSL2 must be installed first.

Fotoxx on Windows is marginally usable.
Image edit functions work about as fast as on native Linux.
Indexing images, searching images, and navigation are slow.
Here are a few numbers to illustrate:

  Benchmark with 12461 image files      Linux ext4       Windows NTFS
Initial index and thumbnails           112 secs.          625 secs.
  Startup time, no index                 0.3                  7
  Startup time, old files only           0.3                 20
  Startup time, old + find new           1.7                 58
  Gallery display, 169 files             0.2                  1
  Gallery display, 2237 files            0.4                 12

The following procedure is low risk, but no guarantees.

Install Fotoxx on Windows 10 or 11  (August 2021)