Fotocx for Windows 11

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Fotocx used to work on Windows 11 WSL with limitations. It has now
suddenly stopped working with NTFS files. Installing Fotocx on
Windows 11 is probably a waste of time for now. I will update this
page if things improve in the future. The stuff below is outdated.


Fotocx can be used under Windows 11 and Windows Subsystem for Linux.
Fotocx is usable only if your image files are stored in the Linux file system,
e.g. under /home/<user>/pictures. If the files reside in the Windows NTFS
file system, Fotocx performance is very slow. However, files in the Linux
file system can be accessed normally in Windows, so you can move your
image files from NTFS to a Linux folder for processing with Fotocx.
Use the 'Linux' folder in File Explorer to navigate to your Linux pictures
folder, then save this folder into your 'quick access list'.

Install Fotocx on Windows 11