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Source Code Tarballs

The following tar files contain a source program (C++), a build script (Makefile), 
and a user guide or man page. The installation procedure is explained below.

backwild-2.3.tar.gz Jan 05 2022
Jan 01 2022
Jan 01 2022
findwild-3.2.tar.gz Jan 01 2022
Jan 01 2022   
fotoxx-maps-1.7.tar.gz Mar 01 2021     optional map files
galaxy2-1.7.tar.gz Jan 01 2022
lbench-4.9.tar.gz Jan 01 2022
mystuff-3.8.tar.gz Jan 01 2022
picpuz-3.3.tar.gz Jan 01 2022
sortpuz-1.9.tar.gz Jan 01 2022
watsup-5.7.tar.gz Jan 01 2022

    The following packages are needed to build and install these programs: 
       libc6, xdg-utils, g++, libgtk-3.0-dev, binutils

Fotoxx also needs: 
   libtiff5-dev, libpng-dev, liblcms2-dev, libimage-exiftool-perl, dcraw,
   libclutter-1.0-dev, libchamplain-0.12-dev, libchamplain-gtk-0.12-dev
   optional for playing video files: totem, ffmpeg

Package names may vary:
    The package names above are Debian and Ubuntu names.
    Other Linux flavors may have different names. Happy hunting.
Installation Procedure:
  0.  Install the above dependencies using your package manager.
  1.  Download the tar file by clicking one of the above links.
  2.  Open a terminal window and enter the following commands:
  3.  $ cd Downloads                       # go to tar file location
  4.  $ tar -xzf appname-xxx.tar.gz        # unpack the tar file
  5.  $ chdir appname                      # go to unpacked files
  6.  $ make                               # build program
  7.  $ sudo make install                  # install program

Missing dependencies will cause error messages in step 6. 
Install these using your package manager and repeat step 6.
Step 7 installs program files in the following locations:
   /usr/bin, /usr/share/appname, /usr/share/doc/appname

Uninstall appname:

  $ sudo rm -f /usr/bin/appname  
  $ sudo rm -R -f /usr/share/appname
  $ sudo rm -R -f /usr/share/doc/appname
  $ rm -R -f /home/<user>/.appname

AppImage Packages
AppImage is a "distro agnostic" packaging format (read about Appimage HERE).
These 64-bit packages will work on most recent Linux releases.
They have been tested on the following:
   Ubuntu 20.04, Fedora 35, EndeavourOS (Arch Linux derivative)

Jan 05 2022
Jan 01 2022
Jan 01 2022
Jan 01 2022
fotoxx-22.1-appimage Jan 01 2022   
Mar 01 2021    optional map files
Jan 01 2022
Jan 01 2022
Jan 01 2022
Jan 01 2022
Jan 01 2022
Jan 01 2022
Installation Procedure
   1. download the program file by clicking on the corresponding link above.
   2. move the program file to another location, if desired.
   3. using your file manager, right click on the program file or icon, select 'properties'.
   4. in the popup window, select 'permissions', check 'allow executing', close.
   5. [double] left-click the program file to start the program.
The program should now be available in your system menus, with an icon/launcher
(you may need to logout / login or reboot to update the system menus).
The execution file should be at: 
The desktop file should be at:  /home/<user>/.local/share/applications/
To uninstall, you can simply delete the above files.