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Source code and binary packages are available here. Installing from
source is basically unpacking the tar file and using the command
"$ sudo make install". If you do not want to compile from source,
then install the binary package as explained below.

Source Code Tarballs
The following tar files contain a source program and build script (Makefile).
These conform to Debian rules. The procedure is explained below. 

backwild-2.5-source.tar.gz Mar 12 2024
Mar 12 2024
Jun 23 2024
findwild-3.5-source.tar.gz Mar 12 2024
Jun 05 2024   
galaxy2-1.9-source.tar.gz Mar 12 2024
lbench-6.1-source.tar.gz Mar 12 2024
mystuff-4.3-source.tar.gz Jun 06 2024
picpuz-3.6-source.tar.gz Mar 12 2024
sortpuz-2.1-source.tar.gz Mar 12 2024
watsup-7.3-source.tar.gz Jun 06 2024

The following packages are needed to build and install these programs: 
    xdg-utils, g++, libgtk-3.0-dev, binutils

Fotocx also needs: 
   libtiff5-dev, libpng-dev, libjpeg-turbo8, liblcms2-dev,
   libclutter-1.0-dev, libchamplain-gtk-0.12-dev

The package names above are Debian and Ubuntu names.
Other Linux flavors may have different names. Happy hunting.
Installation Procedure:
  0.  Install the above dependencies using your package manager.
  1.  Download the program file using the link above.
  2.  Open a terminal window and enter the following commands:
  3.  $ cd Downloads                             # go to download folder
  4.  $ tar -xzf appname-N.N-source.tar.gz       # unpack the tar file
  5.  $ cd appname                               # go to unpacked files
  6.  $ make                                     # build the program
  7.  $ sudo make install                        # install program

Missing dependencies will cause error messages in step 6. 
Install these using your package manager and repeat step 6.
Step 7 installs program files in the following locations:
   /usr/bin, /usr/share/appname, /usr/share/doc/appname

The application files are installed at /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/share, etc.
Uninstall appname:
  $ sudo find /usr/local -path "*appname*" -type l,f,d -delete

Binary Packages
These are distro-agnostic binary packages that should install on any flavor
of Linux desktop. They contain the application binary executable and some
library files that may not keep ABI compatibility across the different Linux
distributions and releases. These programs have been tested on recent
releases of Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint and Manjaro (Arch derivative).

Mar 12 2024
Mar 12 2024
Jun 23 2024
Mar 12 2024
fotocx-24.40-bin.tar.gz Jun 05 2024   
Mar 12 2024
Mar 12 2024
Jun 06 2024
Mar 12 2024
Mar 12 2024
Jun 06 2024
Installation Procedure:
  0. Download the program file using the link above.
  1. Open a terminal window and enter the following commands:
  2. $ cd Downloads                        # go to download folder
  3. $ tar -xzf appname-N.N-bin.tar.gz     # unpack the tar file
  4. $ cd appname                          # go to unpacked files
  5. $ chmod u+x                # make installer executable
  6. $ ./                        # run the installer
You may need a new login or reboot to update the system menu
or create an icon/launcher from the desktop file.

The application files are installed at ~/.local/bin, ~/.local/share, etc.
Uninstall appname:
  $ find $HOME/.local -path "*appname*" -type l,f,d -delete